CF Information Evening 28/02/2013

On February the 28th the CF team at the Mid-Western Regional Hospital, in partnership with TLC4CF, held an information evening in the Castletroy Park Hotel. TLC4CF provided a ‘live streaming’ services so people could watch the evening at home. Below are video links to presentations made by the various team members.


Introduction and CF Centre up-date by Dr. Barry Linanne

Entitlements & Supports – Ms. Lindsey Mallon (CF Social Worker)

Practicalities of Nebulisers – Dr. Brian Casserly (CF Adult Consultant)

Practicalities of Nebulisers – Ms. Louise Collins & Ms. Louise Glavin (CF Physio Dept.)

Keeping your Nebuliser Clean – Ms. Barbara Slevin (Infection Control, MWRH)

“Strength Found in Unexpected Places” Ms. Sorcha Collellan (Psychologist)