Provision of Medical Equipment

TLC4CF have contributed significantly to improving the services available to people with CF who attend the Mid-Western Regional Hospital, Limerick (MWRH), through purchasing high tech medical equipment, including:




In 2011 TLC4CF funded the purchase of an entire bronchoscope suite, costing in the region of €160,000.

A bronchoscopy is used to examine the lungs and airways internally. For children with CF, a bronchoscopy is particularly useful technique to obtain lower airway specimens for children who are unable to expectorate.

Although there were initial delays in securing appropriate theatre time to carry out these procedures we are delighted to report that this service is now in full operational use. For more information about this procedure please talk to your Cystic Fibrosis consultant.

Exhalyzer D


We are delighted to announce that we have funded the purchase of another piece of paediatric equipment for CF patients at MWRH, Limerick. The Exhalyzer D Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) is the first state of the art lung function testing device for infants and children. Exhalyzer D has a unique system for continuous, simultaneous measurement and display of various pulmonary function parameters even on non-cooperative patients, premature babies, neonates and paediatrics.

The device makes it easier for infants and children to have PFT scores monitored from diagnosis. The equipment can also be adapted to be used in adult patients.


We are the first centre in Ireland to have this equipment and it will also provide a wonderful opportunity the MWRH, Limerick to lead on this as a research topic.



The MasterScreen PFT


The MasterScreen PFT is a very reliable lung function system which allows fast patient testing. It is renowned for its accuracy and stability over time for lung function tests, from simple spirometry to complete lung function testing.

Unlike the current PFT machines in most respiratory clinics, the MasterScreen PFT can accurately measure diffusing capacity and lung volumes during the same rebreathing test manoeuvre to provide clinicians with an assessment of lung diffusion during resting

MasterScreen PFT

breathing. This is a very good measure of a patients overall fitness, as opposed to simply measuring the FEV1.

This equipment was primarily funded by The Soroptimists and the Colleran Family (Clare Branch) and contributions and coordination from TLC4CF.